another birthday….

today is the 13th anniversary of my 30th birthday. oddly enough, it’s the first birthday, of the 43, that i’ve been completely on my own. i’ve either lived with my parents, roommates or a significant other (or maybe not-so-significant as the cases may be). i admit, when i went to bed last night, i was a little uncertain about how i would handle this. not that being alone is a bad thing, it’s just still fairly new to me over the last 8 months. but as it turned out, when i woke up by myself, i wasn’t actually alone or lonely, thanks to facebook. by 8 am, i had already received over 30 birthday messages. throughout the day, i lost count of the fb messages, texts, tweets and phone calls. it was overwhelming, but i’ve never in my life had such a great birthday. the fact that my friends, old and new, took the time to acknowledge my day, left me smiling all day. and i am so grateful to have so many amazing friends that have made me feel loved today. at no point did i feel alone.

today also marked the beginning of allison lehman: show & tell’s 30 day photo challenge. i’m so excited about this for a couple of reasons. one, i needed this challenge for myself and my photography. two, i know many of the participants, so it makes it even more fun for me to see how they view each day’s challenge. day 1 is a picture of myself. not sure i love this one, but whatevs. it’s me. at any rate, i’ll be doing my best to blog everyday throughout this challenge and share my submissions. (see, another reason why i love this challenge-thanks allie!). if you’d like to see the submissions or want to play, too, here’s where you’ll find us!


One thought on “another birthday….

  1. Your eyes look amazing and very alive in this photo — it’s kind of cool, because it is a low-tech shot, and so much is washed out — but then your eyes are right there and so alive. It creates a cool contrast. Nicely done!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!


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